Trittico Regione Lombardia

Trittico Lombardo was created back in 1977 to award the cyclist who was able to sum up the best score on the three races: Tre Valli Varesine, Coppa Agostoni and Coppa Bernocchi.

The first edition was remarkable, thanks to an extraordinary Francesco Moser who won Coppa Agostoni and Trittico Lombardo, after which he triumphed at the World Championship in San Cristobal-Venezuela.

Twenty years later, on 1997 Trittico Lombardo returned with a new boost and since that year, become institutional a traditional press preview at Pirelli skyscraper. The union among the three professional cycling races was bolstered by the then Presidents Romano Erba of Coppa Agostoni, Angelo Fedeli of Coppa Bernocchi and Giorgio Ferretti of Tre Valli Varesine.

Roll of Honour

1997 Giovanni Lombardi
1998 Mirko Celestino
1999 Sergio Barbero
2000 Raimondas Rumšas
2001 Gianluca Tonetti
2002 Eddy Ratti
2003 Massimo Giunti
2004 Leonardo Bertagnolli
2005 Lorenzo Bernucci
2006 Andrea Tonti
2007 Alessandro Bertolini
2008 Leonardo Bertagnolli

2009 Mauro Santambrogio
2010 Francesco Gavazzi
2011 Jaŭhen Hutarovič
2012 David Veilleux
2013 Simone Ponzi
2014 Simone Ponzi
2015 Vincenzo Nibali
2016 Sonny Colbrelli
2017 Michael Albasini
2018 Toms Skujiņš
2019 Giovanni Visconti

Gran Trittico Lombardo 2020

Sanitary emergency had a huge impact also on the organizers of professional cycling races.

The calendar’s upheaval of worldwide events meant the reallocation of all the UCI international races in a very short time and the unavoidable overlap of famous competitions.

Presidents Renzo Oldani of Società Ciclistica Alfredo Binda, Luca Roveda of U.S. Legnanese 1913 and Silvano Lissoni of Sport Club Mobili Lissone, decided to spread a positive message through a new project of solidarity and collaboration among the three societies:

«We would like to give a strong message despite this moment of harsh social and economic difficulties, solidarity and collaboration among sport societies can really make a big difference. We would like to create a new opportunity and a new occasion of sports growth, for our territory and all the economic realities that have always support us. A unique event that will become part of cycling history»

The three historical races of Gran Trittico Regione Lombardia (Tre Valli Varesine, Coppa Bernocchi and Coppa Agostoni) exclusively for the year 2020, gave birth to the Gran Trittico Lombardo Committee, promoter of the homonymus UCI ProSeries race.

Gran Trittico Lombardo will be race in a unique event, touching the key points of the course: start line in Legnano, passing through Lissone and finish line in Varese.



Roll of Honour Gran Trittico Lombardo 2020

1st    Gorka Izagirre

2nd    Alex Aranburu

3rd    Greg Van Avermat